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VishnuPuran CD 14


Posted on June 2, 2008 in Misc » Others , downloaded 13 times

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VishnuPuran CD 14
VishnuPuran CD 14.avi   3.32 GB

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Episodes 65 to 69

Episode 65

Ravan sees a pretty girl mediating on mount Kailash and falls in love with her. He breaks her penance and asks her to marry him. When she refuses his offer, he rapes her. On his way to Kashi, Sharavan rests to bring water to his blind parents. Dashrath who is hunting nearby, kills Shravan by mistake. Shravan asks him to look after his parents and dies. Dashrath goes to his parents give the bad news. They curse him to face a death grieving for his son as they grieve for Shravan and die.

Episode 66

King Dashrath performs the last rites of Shravan Kumar and his parents. He is sad and feels guilty. He goes to religious court, the sages absolve him of guilt but ask him to never shoot an arrow on merely hearing a sound. Dashrath learns that Ravan has invaded the neighbouring state Kaipaya, so he goes to help him. During the batter, his sarathi is killed but a young man takes the sarathi?s place. Dashrath discovers that the young man is king Kaikaya?s daughter in disguise.

Episode 67

In a fierce battle Dahsrath defeats Ravan. During the battle Kaikayee saves Dashrath?s life twice. King Kaikaya welcomes the victorious Dashrath to his palace. Kaikayee expresses a desire to marry him but Dashrath politely tells her he has to get permission from his two queens. At the same time, Dashrath promises to fulfill Kakayee two wishes at anytime during his lifetime. Upon return Dashrath tells the queens who agree and ask sage Vashisht to take the proposal to King Kaikaya.

Episode 68

Sage Vashisht is about to send a priest when a purohit arrives from King Kaikaya with the marriage proposal. They happily agree and Dsahrath marries Kaikayee. Meanwhile, Ravan?s atrocities against the sages continues to rise. He levies tax on sages and when they are unable to pay, he orders 4 cups of blood to be drained from their bodies. Lord Vishnu declare that the time has come for him to reincarnate himself as Ram.

Episode 69

King Dashrath expresses his disappointment for being childless. Rishi Vashisht asks him to perform Kameshri Yagna. Ravan?s demon spill the blood of Rishi in fields of King Janaks Mithila which results in Famine. King Janak?s priests advise him to plough the field himself and fixes a date

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