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Posted on February 8, 2011 in Games » Pc Games , downloaded 1751 times

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Xtreme v5
Xtreme V5 Setup.exe   788.56 MB
libraryfiles.exe   5.66 MB

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Category: Games for PC
Section: 3D-shooter
Developer: Sierra
Publisher: bluelytning
Crack: Not required
The new version of a fan assembly Counter-Strike! essentially the same CS online only offline with bots. this is a plus for those who because of the ping can not normally play on Chinese servers and can also be oprobyvat weapons available in the CSO only Donat
of 1.6 was perhaps that the multiplayer and the principle of normal

Hidden text
Added about 20 types of weapon and player models (which is added and not replaced)
The effects of the murder
Their sounds for each weapon
New special effects
Highlighting Weapons
Included in the assembly of six mods: Human Scenario, Deathmatch, Zombie Mod, ZombieScenario plus new effects and animation
Fixed errors when connecting
Search for servers running
Added patch solves the problem with error Component \'MSCOMCTL.OCX\' of one of its dependencies not correctly registered ...
Normal - classic game
Human Scenario - hold several rounds of mercenaries and to endure in the last round to destroy the helicopter
In order that would play in this mode to disable bots and run the map hs_desertstorm otherwise the game may hang
Deathmatch - a team game on a team with instant respawn
Ghost Mod - you against a team of ghosts are barely visible and they are armed only with knives
Zombie Mod - the classic zombie mod. an infected attempts to infect all the others
Zombie Scenario - alone against hordes of zombies. need to survive and destroy the main and ghouls

Installation: setup.exe
2.If not start install libraryfiles.exe

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