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BILOG - CIRCLES (2005) [PINOY] DivX NoSubs [Tagalog] WingTip


Posted on July 26, 2008 in Movies » Asian , downloaded 96 times

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BILOG - CIRCLES (2005) [PINOY] DivX NoSubs [Tagalog] WingTip
BILOG - CIRCLES (2005) [PINOY] DivX NoSubs [Tagalog] WingTip.avi   703.16 MB
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Bilog/Circles (2005)

Category Drama

Label Others

Tagalog Movie

Set in contemporary Philippine metropolis, the story happens at the same time that Pope John Paul dies, the food poisoning of the students become news, several Filipinos try to jump off the billboards, and the president apologizes to the nation. Schizophrenic Ara (Ara Mina) meets a young man one day and decides she wants to marry. She forces the older brother Cris (Entertainment Press Association's Archie De Calma), a peddler at the Quezon Memorial Circle (popularly known as bilog) to find her a wedding dress. Being orphans and being the only living immediate family, Cris was very protective at first, concerned at the status of Ara. Cris himself was already contemplating suicide when Ara gave the news. But being a very loving sibling, Cris had no choice but to allow his sister her dream wedding. And here begins Cris non-stop peddling along the Elliptical Road and at the park of Circle.

He manipulates all his friends and acquaintances, in order to meet his deadline to raise the amount to buy the wedding for his sister. The desperate attempt begins to weave lies and deception and breed hatred among his customers: government employee Rod who represses all his desires and needs in order to provide for his siblings studies in the province; activist Deo, who just arrived from a far away province to follow his childhood sweetheart, an underground rebel Carina (Jan Marini) student by day and sex worker by night. Miguel who is hopelessly attached to his friend, Paolo who is dying of AIDS; jaded UP student Shandy who's men in her life don't have the balls to stand up to their love for her, sex scandal vcd collector and call center representative Justin, who wants women of higher social status than him, a migrant from the same province as Rod and Miguel, a jeepney barker with a very dark past, Unyak; and sidewalk vendors Jenny and Jeri who are out to eliminate each other.

When all else falls, Cris holds on to his bottom line, to sell and to buy the best weding gown and give the best wedding for his sister. However, Cris schemes seemed to backfire and lives become at stake, including his. Only when remorse is attained will forgiveness happen and redemption will come to make their lives turn full circle in these turbulent times in the Philippine republic.

    * Ara Mina

    * Jan Marini

    * Ronald Henson

    * Gerard Pizarra

    * Justin Justiniani

    * Archie De Calma

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