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best of Sraboni sen rabindra sangeet


Posted on July 21, 2010 in Music » Misc , downloaded 145 times

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sraboni sen rabindra sangeet
anek diner amar je gaan.mp3   11.66 MB
har mana har.mp3   9.62 MB
Seemar Majhe Aseem Tumi.mp3   8.51 MB
Bhay Hote Tabo Abhay Majhe.mp3   8.02 MB
Oi Asontaler Mateer Pare.mp3   7.97 MB
aaji nahi nahi nidra.mp3   7.93 MB
AAJI NAHI NAHI NIDR....Srabani Sen.mp3   7.93 MB
Akash Bhara.mp3   7.49 MB
Protidin Ami, Hay Jibon Sami.mp3   7.41 MB
PRAMODE DHALIYA DINU MON....Srabani Sen.mp3   7.17 MB
Aamar Raat Pohalo.mp3   7.03 MB
Amar Mukti Aloy Aloy.mp3   7 MB
Megher Pare Megh Jomechhe.mp3   6.87 MB
Je Drubpad Deioco Badhi.mp3   6.73 MB
Jete Dao Gelo Jara.mp3   6.69 MB
DARIYE AACHHO...Srabani sen.mp3   6.63 MB
Aaj Dhaner Khete.mp3   6.3 MB
he nikhilobhara dharana biswabidhata.mp3   6.24 MB
Pothik Poran.mp3   6.19 MB
Dino Sheser Ranga Mukul.mp3   6 MB
hare re re.mp3   5.98 MB
Bhalobese Sakhi.mp3   5.73 MB
Saghana Gahana Ratri.mp3   5.61 MB
Amar Din Phuralo.mp3   5.54 MB
Jete Jete Ekla Pathe.mp3   5.49 MB
Tumi Rabe Nirabe.mp3   5.48 MB
Diye Genu Basanter Gaan Khani.mp3   5.48 MB
Mamo Dukhero Sadhano.mp3   5.47 MB
Bishwa Bina Rabe.mp3   5.47 MB
Nodi Parer Ei Asarer.mp3   5.33 MB
Jodi Prem Dile Na Prane.mp3   5.27 MB
Eai Udasi Haowar Pathe.mp3   5.23 MB
Tai Tomar Anondo Amar Por.mp3   5.22 MB
Abar Esechhe Asharh.mp3   5.14 MB
Aguner Parashmoni.mp3   5.13 MB
Aji Jharer Raate.mp3   5.1 MB
Keno Amay Pagol Kore Jaas.mp3   5.09 MB
Emono Dine.mp3   4.99 MB
Swapone Dohe Chinu.mp3   4.94 MB
Amaro Parano Jaha Chay.mp3   4.91 MB
Jani Jani Tabu Mane Mane.mp3   4.75 MB
Mamo Antaro Udase.mp3   4.74 MB
Din Abosan Halo.mp3   4.67 MB
Himelo Raate.mp3   4.65 MB
PATHA-HARA PATHIK JENO GO ....Srabani Sen.mp3   4.64 MB
Akashe Aaj Kon Charaner.mp3   4.64 MB
Tomar Surer Dhara.mp3   4.64 MB
Charandhwani Shuni Tabo Nath.mp3   4.63 MB
Pohalo Pohalo Bibhabari.mp3   4.53 MB
Jharo Jharo Barishe.mp3   4.53 MB
Jadi Tare Nai Chinj Go.mp3   4.52 MB
Tumi To Sei Jabei Chale.mp3   4.5 MB
Amal Dhabal Pale Legechhe.mp3   4.49 MB
O He Sundaro Mamo.mp3   4.49 MB
Shesh Gaaner Resh Niye.mp3   4.46 MB
Aamar Din Phuralo.mp3   4.42 MB
Oi Shuni Jeno.mp3   4.42 MB
Aamar Khela Jakhan Chilo.mp3   4.4 MB
Poush Toder Dak Diyeche.mp3   4.36 MB
Sunilo Sagorer.mp3   4.35 MB
Darao Amar Ankhiro Aage.mp3   4.32 MB
Baro Asha Kore.mp3   4.18 MB
Prochando Garjane Aasilo.mp3   3.93 MB
Amar Mallika Bone.mp3   3.91 MB
Tomar Dware Keno Asi.mp3   3.91 MB
Ore Griho Bashi.mp3   3.89 MB
Kothaye Aalo.mp3   3.88 MB
Phoole Phoole Dhole Dhole.mp3   3.78 MB
Kolahal To Baron Halo.mp3   3.77 MB
Sokhi Bhabona Kahare Bale.mp3   3.77 MB
Tumi Dak Diyecho.mp3   3.75 MB
Bhenge Mor Gharer Chabi.mp3   3.72 MB
Tomai Amai Milan Habe.mp3   3.7 MB
Bajramanik Diye Gantha.mp3   3.68 MB
Sahe Na Jatona.mp3   3.57 MB
Ami Tarei Jani.mp3   3.54 MB
Gahanoghana Chhailo.mp3   3.42 MB
Premer O Phand Pata.mp3   3.33 MB
Tumi Hathat Haowaye.mp3   3.32 MB
Nibir Ama Timir Hote.mp3   3.25 MB
Gahano Ghano.mp3   3.23 MB
Aaj Jemon Kore Gaiche Aakash.mp3   3.21 MB
Madhugandhe Bhara.mp3   3.15 MB
Jani Jani Holo Jabar Ayojan.mp3   2.88 MB
Amar Mon Jakhan.mp3   2.58 MB
O Keno Bhalobasa Janate Ase.mp3   2.12 MB
sraboni.png   353.72 KB
Tumi Kon Bhangoner Pathe Ele.mp3   18.48 KB

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the most of rabindra sangeets of sraboni sangeets as i have.i think she is the current best rabindra sangeet touchy her voice.enjoy.
i have never uploaded anything,so there may be some me ,,if u can in case of faults.

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